What does BioSigBrowser display?

What does BioSigBrowser display? (Signal Window)

Signal Window for BioSigBrowser interface


  1. Menu Bar: It is divided into:
    1. Actions
    2. Edit
    3. View
    4. Pre-processing
    5. Analysis
    6. Post-processing
    7. Show
    8. Signal Info
    9. Batch Mode Assistant
    10. Help
  2. Shortcuts: trying to save your time with the most used steps.
  3. Information related with the current BioSigBrowser session is shown here.
  4. In this part the label of each signal is shown as well as a 1 mV scale as reference.
  5. The time onset of the row is shown. In case that more than one row was displayed, then each row would have its own time onset.
  6. This blue line displays the time scale in seconds. By default 10 seconds for each row is shown.
  7. User can use these edit boxes to browse at any time or sample on the recording.
  8. A slide bar is available to browse on the recording quickly.

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