Visualizing series

Visualizing series

To enable the menus of visualizing series it is needed to load at least one annotation file, (see Loading annotation file/s) containing series.

  • On/Off: enables or disables the visualization of the series.
  • Series to show: The setup of “Selection of Time for Analysis Modules” will be open in order to load event file.

Setup interface to select series contained in annotations file/s.

Next, another window will open, named Trend Window.

Trend Window showing in this case.

In the example, two series were selected.  They are displayed in two subplots.  Each series is identified by a popup menu in the middle of the graph.  This popup menu allows changing between the pre-selected series.  At the bottom a slide bar allows browsing through the series.  In addition, usually series are derived from signals, and then are linked to time positions in the signal.  Thus, the green zone that can be seen in the series corresponds to the pieze of signal that is displayed in the Signal Window.  Moreover, if user clicks on wherever in series graph automatically the Signal Window is updated at this selected time recording.

Making zoom in the series visualization is available right clicking in the graphs.  A menu appears allowing: changing the number of trends to visualize; the time scale; and an option to recover the series into the workspace of Matlab®.

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