Visualizing annotations and events

Visualizing annotations and events


                To enable the menus of visualizing annotations it is needed to load at least one annotation file, (see Loading annotation file/s).

  • On/Off: enables or disables the visualization of the annotations previously selected by user.
  • Annotation legend: each annotation file is displayed with a color code which is listed here.
  • Select annotations to show: user can select the annotations which are contained in the annotation file.
  • Change the relation between leads and annotfiles: the annotations coming from an annotation file can be superimposed on one or more leads. This setup allows changing the configuration.
  • Change visualization mode of the wave boundaries: By default the boundaries are drawn as dashed bars. Changing this visualization, closed and open parenthesis are shown instead of.


In the same way as for annotations, an file containing events has to be loaded.

  • On/Off: enables or disables the visualization of the events.
  • Change event file: The setup of “Selection of Time for Analysis Modules” will be open in order to load event file.

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