Other ECG leads

Other ECG leads

ECG is registered by electrodes located in a certain body positions which they are well established and standardizes by electrophysiology.  Their positions in the body surface give us information about the projection of the electrical activity that is happening in the heart. Each electrode registers its own electrical activity named leads.  In this section, it is presented three ways of generate extra leads when ECG recording allows that.

ECG lead locations and their relations.

Dower transformation allows computing X, Y and Z leads (named Frank leads) as a linear combination of the standard leads (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, I, II and III).  These Frank leads are orthogonal synthetizing the electrical information coming out from the heart.

As well as Dower is one of the transformations, other methods or linear combinations have been proposed whose aims are achieving these Frank leads such as Levkov’s transformation or Kors regression.  All of them are available in the BioSigBrowser software.

In addition, if the leads recorded were X, Y and Z coming from, for instance EASI leads, the step back can be done by applying the inverse Dower transform.

Furthermore, extremity/limb leads can also be computed from standard leads.

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