Loading a recording

Loading a recording

In the menu, “Actions” -> “Open recording”


Selecting recordings to open in BioSigBrowser


In this case, we chose WFDB file provided by physionet.  Although WFDB format consists in at least two files (*.dat & *.hea), the file is identified by the *.hea file.  For further details about WFDB format visit www.physionet.org.

BioSigBrowser informs you about the path where the results obtained by methods using the platform will be stored.  By default, this results directory will be created in the same folder as the recording with the name of “iBdir”.  This folder is not a temporary one.  Once the BioSigBrowser session is finished, the results will be still there.   This results folder can be changed by other one in “Actions” à “Change Temporary Directory”.

Afterwards, another window will appear whose name is “Select the nature of the leads”.  As mentioned in the introduction, most of the algorithms included in this interface are related with electrocardiogram signal processing.  Therefore, if our current recording consisted in electroencephalograms (EEG) or PPG or other sort of biomedical signal, it makes no sense that all ECG algorithms would be available, only will be those algorithms which are related with.

Selection of the nature of each recording lead


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