A filter designer is provided by BioSigBrowser.   Three different types of filters are available: IIR, FIR and Adaptive Notch Filter.  Parameters of each filter type became enabling when filter is selected.  Furthermore, filter response is also provided in order to choose the better parameters for the filter designed by user.



Filter design interface in BioSigBrowser.

Besides, baseline wander removal can be done applying a technique based on using cubic splines.  It is based on ECG characteristics.  Segment PQ is isoelectric meaning it should be at 0 mV.  This characteristic can be profited in order to force the ECG to return in these particular segments at zero voltage.  The strategy proposed uses the time location of each fiducial beats in time, then, 55 ms are left-shifted to place the PQ point.  Afterwards, a reconstruction of a baseline is generated by using cubic splines and it is removed from the original signal achieving a nice baseline wander removal.


Baseline wander removal by using cubic splines on PQ segment of ECG signals.

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