Batchmode Assistant

Batchmode Assistant

BioSigBrowser is a graphical interface that allows applying several methodologies in a friendly framework.  However, most of the algorithms can be used out of the interface and they can be anchored generating specific workflows.  This tool is very useful for automatizating processes.  For example, to delineate a whole database.

Batchmode assistant is also a friendly way to construct workflows.  Nevertheless, in the current version of BioSigBrowser user may need some help to make it works properly.  Do not hesitate to ask for help in the following e-mail account:

The Batchmode Assistant is divided into steps that allows user to construct a workflow well defined.  Let see, the available modules.

  • Step 1/8: The workflow is going to be written in an XML file.


Setup of step 1/8 of Batchmode Assistant.


  • Step 2/8: This step is thought to produce signals from series and/or annotations.  For example, user did EDR based on QRS slopes, so, the respiratory rate as series is available.  It could be used to reconstruct the signal of respiration.


Setup of step 2/8 of Batchmode Assistant.


  • Step 3/8: Signal pre-processing step.  After applying pre-processing modules, the new signal should be save in order to the following methods will be applied to the new one.

Setup of step 3/8 of Batchmode Assistant.


  • Step 4/8: This step consists in producing annotations from signal and/or series.  All kind of detectors such as ECG detector, PPG artifact or pulse detector are examples.


Setup of step 4/8 of Batchmode Assistant.


  • Step 5/8: This module allows pre-processing annotations.

Setup of step 5/8 of Batchmode Assistant.


  • Step 6/8: This step is based on producing series coming through annotations and/or signals.


Setup of step 6/8 of Batchmode Assistant.


  • Step 7/8: Pre-processing of series in the terms of detrending or outlier treatment are the methods available in this module.

Setup of step 7/8 of Batchmode Assistant.


  • Step 8/8: Once user has defined the pre-processing steps to adecuate the framework, the advance processing algorithms that are shown in Fig. X are available in batchmode.

Setup of step 8/8 of Batchmode Assistant.

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