Annotation/Events Management

Annotation/Events Management

Annotations and events are time marks or time intervals that can be produced by algorithms. In other sections, it was shown how to load files which contain annotations or events and how to display them superimposed in the signal.

However, annotations and events can be modified by user manually. This section deals with how to manage them, modifying, generating new ones or removing them.
The way to access the menu is by right clicking on the Signal Window:

First of all, it is worthy to note that annotations or events derived from a specific algorithm or given by an external clinician wont be modified. Then, new file will be generated with the new marks or modifications.


New annotations are considered as provisional marks. When one provisional mark is set, user will be asked to introduce a description (not be confused by the label of the annotation since all of them are labeled as provisional). Then, the mark appears in the Window Signal as a blue vertical line and at the top the description in yellow. To change the position of this mark just right clicking on the line or on the yellow description (it turns blue) and another menu is shown allowing: to remove and to change position and description.

Provisional marks can be stored liking them to an existing annotation file. If no annotation file is loaded, see “Loading annotation file/s”. Then user will be asked to link them to a type of mark.

In the case of modifying annotations loaded, the procedure is quite similar. Just right clicking on the bullets it will appear the menu. A new annotation file (named after the same as the original but ended with “aux”) is generated to protect original annotations.


As it happens with annotations, new events will be considered as provisional until they will be stored. The way to introduce an event is quite similar as annotations but with the difference of an event consists in two time locations. So, the first event will be the initial time and the second will be the ending (depending whether is located after the first one). Once both time locations are selected, an event was generated. As it is provisional, the vertical lines are painted in blue. Event time marks works as annotations, thus, they can be changed just right clicking on the line or in the description and the menu to manage them is displayed. It is worth to note that events are also drawn in Trend Window in which series are shown.

If no annotation file is loaded and user will store the events, then, a new file will be generated. Events are not loaded. To load events, go to “Actions” -> “Set time analysis” and select load events. Once this is done, then BioSigBrowser will ask user to show events. If showing events is in mode On, then events will be displayed in green, differenciating them from the provisional ones that remember they are drawn in blue.

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