Intracardiac EGM


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– Research line and investigator in charge

Processing of intracardiac electrogram (EGM) signals acquired by implantable cardioverter-defibrilator (ICDs) or in the catheterization laboratory:

Investigation of atrial arrhythmias: atrial activation and manifestations on electrogram (EGM) and electrocardiogram (ECG) signals.

  • Investigation of new methods for guiding atrial fibrillation ablation, using regularity, synchronization and propagation information extracted from EGM signals.
  • Signal processing to assist the finding of ectopic foci during ventricular ablation
  • Automatic activation detection for cardiac mapping.
  • Analysis of repolarization alternans in intracardiac electrograms.

Investigator in charge: Juan Pablo Martínez

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– Projects

  •  Project 1

Title: Multimodal biomedical signals processing for analysis and physiological characterization of cardiovascular, autonomic and respiratory pathologies.

Funding agency: MCYT Ref. TEC2010-21703-C03-02.

Dates: Jan 2011 – Dec 2013.

Principal Investigator: Juan Pablo Martínez.

Description: In this project we aim to investigate and assess novel approaches to extract, interpret, integrate and model clinically relevant information derived from multimodal biomedical signals and measurements –invasive and non-invasive– in order to improve the knowledge on the underlying physiological mechanisms in a number of relevant, highly prevalent diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, autonomic and neurological systems, as well as other non-pathological disordered conditions (sleepiness, distressed emotions, microgravity…). The main objective is to improve interpretation and physiological characterization of such conditions by the use of multimodal advanced signal processing and modelling approaches, thus leading to enhanced earlier diagnostic of certain pathologies, more accurate non-invasive risk stratification and optimized planning of some interventions, such as cardiac resynchronization therapy and ablation for atrial or ventricular arrhythmia.

  •  Project 2

Title: Computational investigation of cardiac arrhythmias and drug-induced effects: from ion channels to the electrocardiogram.

Funding agency: MCYT Ref. TEC2010-19410.

Dates: Jan 2011 – Dec 2013.

Principal Investigator: Esther Pueyo.

Description: This project aims at investigating mechanisms underlying the onset of cardiac arrhythmias of both atrial and ventricular origin. The effects of therapeutic approaches to prevent or terminate those arrhythmias are assessed. Computational modeling and simulation of cardiac electrophysiology and ECG signal processing are used to simulate and analyze electrical activity of atria and ventricles from subcellular levels up to the electrocardiogram.

– Technologies and targeting sectors

  •  Technology 1

Software for EGM signal processing including activation detection/delineation and computation of indices of organization, synchronization and delays.

Targeting sector: Biomedical engineering companies

– Patents and technology transfer

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– Singular equipment

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